body Reboot 

A multi-dimensional program that fast tracks your #bodygoals by transforming your relationship with it. 

This course is the only step-by-step approach that helps you confidently commit to informed, healthy choices armed with knowledge and driven by a reawakened, deep connection with your body. This impactful and profound journey will transform your relationship from self-loathing to self-love, forever changing the way you see, care for and feel in your body. This powerful combo of information and compassion is specifically designed to fuel results bigger than you could have ever imagined and that will last a lifetime.
It's all possible! 

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Are you tired and frustrated by broken promises that make you feel worse about your body, not better?

So was I. The struggle ends here. 

Whatever your body goals this year, this 8-week transformational journey has all the tools and strategies you need to get the lasting results you have come to believe may never be possible for you.
No rigid diet plans, no programs. No clearing the cabinets! 

You can wake up feeling energized, strong and safe in your body! You can become your own fierce protector + caregiver. And this course will help make that happen!

the big question

Transform your body, change your life!

Before I tell you more, let's make sure you're


Ashamed of your body and dread looking at it in the mirror because of constant comparison, criticism and objectification - whether social media, Netflix, friends + family and you're ready to see yourself with love + gratitude.

Afraid of and feeling betrayed by your body because of a condition or diagnosis, and ready to reframe your need to ignore and escape from it. 

Frustrated by your lack of motivation to move or eat healthily and you're looking for clear, easy to implement and sustainable strategies you can commit to. 

Confused by all the new diets and "free" fads, clean beauty claims and latest alcohol studies and want to make informed decisions without the overwhelm. 

Ready to lose weight, hydrate more, sleep better, moisturize regularly, eat healthily, remove toxins from your routine, reduce your stress and anxiety, all without feeling guilty and selfish. 


You're right for The Body Reboot if you want to rebuild your relationship with your body from the inside out - no matter the shape, size or condition - and cultivate a deep connection that will not only support you everyday, but last a lifetime. 

If you are...


who's this for?

you're in the right place!

The BODY Reboot will give you the tools,  inspiration and support to wake up each morning loving the body you're in.

a good fit.

real results

"Working with Wendy is truly life changing."

Before I started the Body Reboot, I was confused, felt disconnected from my body, and struggled with self-doubt. The guidance I found in this course has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I can't imagine ever being the same. 

- sasha, project manager


"Wendy has an amazing ability to get you to tune into our body's signals, treat it with kindness + respect, and view self-care as an act of self-love."

I learned how to love my body at every stage, shedding light on destructive behaviors and learning tools to break free from them. Now I eat with purpose to nourish my body, look forward to moving it with intention and use clean beauty products to protect it from toxins. I've seen a number on scale I haven't seen in many years, and more importantly, it wasn't a battle. I got there with grace.   


- jennine, manager + mom

body goals

Identified your barriers, Commitments and goals 

Incorporated stress reduction strategies

Removed + Reduced Daily Toxic Exposures 

Cultivated a deep connection with your body

Developed a Measurable, realistic Movement Plan

Untangled the Gut/Brain connection

taking inventory of your thoughts, behaviors and beliefs and challenging your definitions of success + failure.

based on your new understanding + appreciation for your mind/body connection.

considering and adopting more informed + safer alternatives. 

based on how you want to feel, look and move in your body.

by getting clarity on nutrition, cravings  and intermittent fasting.

affirming that loving your body at every stage guarantees results.

By the end of this program you will have...







let's be honest.

"I'm not just thinner,
I'm happier!

And I was able to see real results, really quickly. I feel in control, more aware, less anxious and my inner critic has quieted. 

real results

- Jennine, college recruiter

This course gave me a foundation for the rest of my life. 

- SASHA, project manager

plain + simple

The Body Reboot changes lives.


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Wendy changed my life in ways I never thought possible. 

I am forever grateful to her for this course.


inside the course

the modules

Focus: Connection, Compassion and Inspiration. Learn science-based tools to break biases that drive intention and derail commitment and how to tap into the powerful psychology behind the future self.
Exercises: Past and future self visualizations, Daring Manifesto and Love Letter to Self  templates. 

Focus: Knowledge, Clarity and Freedom. Learn about gut health, weight loss, meal planning, healthy replacements, supplements and the science behind hunger, cravings and fasting.
Exercises: Guided meditation, indulgence exploration and craving hacks.  

Focus: Empowerment, Strength and Connection. Dive into the effects of movement on sleep, mental and physical well-being, the importance of moderation and rest and the science behind somatics and the mind-body connection. 
Exercises: Proof of Life worksheet, body image experiences, guided visualizations. 

Focus: Recharge, Self-Awareness and Celebration. Review what worked and what challenged you. You will revise your definition of success, commitments and goals as needed.   
Exercises: Restate your commitments worksheet, journaling and guided meditation. 

Focus: Awareness, Agency and Empowerment. Learn the truth about the effects of alcohol and prescription drugs on your body, the alternatives and ways to identify and tame your triggers. 
Exercises: The Break-Up Letter and Journaling. 

Focus: Knowledge, Agency and Empowerment. Get all the details on where the US stands on regulations protecting you from harmful toxins and what you can do to protect yourself with specific, tested recommendations. 
Exercises: Inventory your products and+ explore recommended alternatives. 

Focus: Clarity, Commitment and Confidence. Define success, identify your compelling reason, complete an honest inventory of where you are, set meaningful goals, and commit to practices to achieve them. 
Exercises: Inventory, goals and commitments tracker and guided meditation.  

Module 1: Getting Honest + Goal Setting
Module 2: Unlocking Your Future-Self
Module 3: Understanding Nutrition + Gut Health
Module 4: Exploring Movement + Exercise
Module 5: Review, Reflect, Revise, Recommit
Module 6: Demystifying Stress + Anxiety 
Module 7: Uncovering the Effects of Alcohol 
Module 8: Clean Beauty

Focus: Mindfulness, Understanding and Empowerment. Learn how stress affects your body - like weight and chronic pain and actionable ways to release + reframe it in healthy and powerful ways.
Exercises: Guided meditations + the Anxiety Audit.  

Meanwhile you'll be engaged in journalling, meditations and holistic + somatic experiences that will help you reconnect with and rebuild a loving relationship with your body. 

My signature framework engages you on parallel tracks with a weekly 30-40 min teaching video and self-paced exercises and experiences to complete on your own time - arming you with the knowledge to make informed, healthy choices and the compassion to commit to them for the body you love. 

More hype for the Reboot...

real life, real change

I'm sharing everything I've learned with you!


got goals?

I hopped on the diet train at 13 years old and never looked back. It was fueled by self-loathing. I've been over- and underweight. I've used food + alcohol to numb uncomfortable emotions and transition out of stressful days. I struggled with a destructive body image for decades and doubled down with less food and more exercise fueled by frustration and self-loathing.  

I experienced sexual and physical assaults, a miscarriage and mental illness and became disconnected from my body out of self-preservation. My cancer diagnosis gave me the gift of compassion and gratitude needed to bring me back home to the body I love.
Now, after decades of work with therapists, nutritionists, trainers and healers, and a lot of trial and error, I'm bringing it to you in an 8-week journey to lasting transformation. 

Choose your adventure...

+ lose, gain or manage your weight

+ hydration and moisture 

+ less stress and fewer toxins

+ quality sleep and more movement 

ready to make lasting change?

this is life-changing!

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The Body Reboot is the Difference Maker You Deserve in 2024!

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invest in big result + lasting change →

You'll be Backed by a Risk Free 14-Day Guarantee 

not sure?

If it were me ten, even twenty years ago scrolling this page, I'd be looking for some "guarantee" too! 

I get you! 

While I can't guarantee results, I can guarantee quality of content because I'm confident that the framework I've created in this course can be transformational. Why? Because I did it myself and I've guided others through it!

I know it may feel hard to invest in yourself unless you know it's going to be totally worth it ... with plenty of results to show for it ( and sooner rather than later, please!). 

Here's why you can be confident in a money-back guarantee and calm any remaining "pull the trigger" nerves. 

By the end of 14 days, you'll have access to the first two modules of The Body Reboot. So you'll have had the opportunity to view the videos, complete your honest inventory of where you are, what's holding you back from where you want to be, set your goals and identify your commitments, plus spent time with other powerful, personal discovery exercises  and meditations all BEFORE making a final commitment. 

If you don't feel totally motivated by your experience and confident that your relationship with your body can change by continuing the course, by 4pm EST on the 14th day after your date of purchase, simply reach out with a copy of your completed inventory worksheet to show you've put in the work and I'll refund your investment. No questions asked.   

xo, Wendy

Changing your relationship with your body can change everything!

you deserve this

There is still time to make 2024 the Year of You


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