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"Raw, real and relatable..."

"Triumphant memoir and literary achievement..."

"Literary force but also a master storyteller..."

"A fearsome and beautiful achievement..."

"Our boxes may all look different, but the opportunity for self-discovery they present is universal."

There is a moment when you realize your life is no longer your own. You made it picture perfect. You thought it would make you happy and whole. You thought you could seal the walls tight and feel safe. But the panic doesn’t pass, and the anxiety seeps in through every crack. Your pain uses perfection to hide the unraveling. But deep inside, you still hear the whisper of a voice that’s always been there, calling to you, promising that you were meant for more.

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In The Box, Wendy Tamis Robbins offers a window into the mental illness of an all-star athlete, Ivy League-graduate, and successful attorney. At just 6 years old, Wendy’s first panic attack sparked a 40-year struggle with a variety of anxiety disorders: generalized, social and health, eating disorders, phobias, intrusive and suicidal thoughts, and dissociation. Avoiding anything that could trigger her symptoms, she retreats into a box to contain and hide her condition. After years of living in the prison she originally constructed as her safe place, Wendy is no longer willing to limit her life to accommodate her disorders.

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"The author gently guides you to the hope that the possibility to control your anxiety...

- Doreen K.

...and fear instead of it controlling you can actually happen. She shares the tools she used to start living her best life. I highly recommend this book!"

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“We all hold ourselves back in different ways...

- The Vault Publishing

...and The Box is meant to break you free! Well written and highly recommended.”

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"This book is soooooo good! It's raw, it's real, and it's relatable...

- Amy J.

...It gives meaning and deep understanding to something that was rarely talked about at the time her anxiety began. It's a MUST read!!!"

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"I am grateful that I found this gem of a book...

- VS Griffin

...and I am already applying what I have learned to my life."

Kendall Townsend

“Through such candid yet effectively dramatic prose, Robbins proves herself not only an even-handed literary force but also a master storyteller. You can feel the pain searing through the passages aptly describing the phenomena she endured for years, making someone in her position speaking openly about mental health not only intellectually comprehensible but emotionally understandable as well.”

Garth thomas

“The story, on both its reality-based and literary-based planes, is remarkable. But the hat really goes off to Robbins telling it the way she does, without it ever descending into maudlin drivel or any sort of self-pitying narcissism. The place it’s coming from is personal, but Robbins’ sharing of intimate moments with the reader makes it feel real in an individualistic sense for whoever soaks up the words. A fearsome and beautiful achievement, one I thoroughly recommend even to the most Type A of personalities out there – who probably need it the most.”


“Wendy Tamis Robbins comes across as a woman with the world in her pocket. She’s an esteemed law attorney, complete retrospectively with accomplishments such as being a Dartmouth College graduate and a decorated, all-star athlete. No matter how dark things become for her, all you need to do is put the book down (impossible to do) and remember you’re reading the self-professed ruminations and revelations of a post-modern, successful woman. Someone at a glance who, once again, seems like she has the entirety of the world in her pocket. If she can reach such a place in life despite all that darkness, then so can you…”

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Raw and powerful, vulnerable and intimate.

The Box  is both a triumphant memoir and an irresistible invitation. It portrays a courageous journey to find the source of a debilitating disorder in order to find the power to overcome it. Wendy’s experience reminds us of the redemptive power of forgiveness and the healing power of love, not just for others, but for ourselves. It is a story of courage that reframes mental illness sufferers as survivors—a powerful portrait of a woman who refused to remain caged in a box of her making.

Quick reviews from readers

"Best book I've read on anxiety. It is a must read for anyone suffering from or who has a family member who is suffering from anxiety"

"I'm so glad I read this book! I completely related to the struggles depicted so beautifully in this insightful narrative"

"You don't know, what you don't know! The Box answered questions that I had no idea to even ask. A real eye opener and must read!"

"Whether you're struggling with anxiety, or you're just around someone else that is, this book is definitely for you"

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