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Finding a speaker who resonates on a deep level, inspires, motivates and empowers can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. My story resonates because we all have battles we fight internally. We all wear masks and hide our deepest insecurities. We all have dreams we’ve watched fade because of our mental or physical limitations.

My story is the human story. My journey is the hero's journey.

Pick from the topics below and give your audience a profound experience they'll be talking about long after they leave your event.


The Experiences

The Box Experience

I take you on a journey through the four phases of my transformation as chronicled in The Box and leave you with my three-part process to finding freedom from your own box.


The Self love Experience

I lead the audience through the strategies and modalities I practiced to heal my open wounds, transcend my physical and mental limitations and turn self-loathing into self-love.


The Superwoman Experience

I deconstruct the cultural definition of success by explore the mental constructs of value and self worth, cultural stereotyping, coping mechanisms, and the stigma around help-seeking behaviors women face as professionals. Then we redefine success through the lens of wholeness above perfection, connection above protection, and collaboration above competition, creating the new superwoman.


deep impact

“Recovering perfectionists' will appreciate Wendy's honesty and candor...

... as she shares her personal journey and struggles with anxiety. Her message makes it ok to admit 'weakness' and provides guidance on how to turn that weakness into strength.”

“Wendy was the keynote speaker at an events I attended and the response was overwhelming!

She was captivating, empowering, and vulnerable yet strong. Her message resonated with everyone in attendance as evidenced by people staying after to speak with her.”

“What truly stands out is Wendy's unwavering positivity with such a dark subject...

... While talking about her struggles, she illuminates the path to overcoming it throughout. Her practical tips and techniques, along with the wisdom she imparts were invaluable.”  

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Self care is NOT selfish!