The Community

Professional women navigating challenges only we face. 

"CAVE Club is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Professional women navigating the struggles only we face.

The community you've been looking for.

I am you.

I was a people-pleasing perfectionist. A high-achieving, Ivy League graduate and high-stress, high-stakes attorney in Big Law. I was convinced that once "I made it" the anxiety would vanish. I'd feel valuable and worthy. I'd have more confidence and fewer insecurities. I'd take a well-deserved deep breath. But that never happened. Despite the long hours and sacrifices, and the compromises to my mental and physical health... 

The confetti never fell.

So I remembered my why...

That dreamer, that doer, that girl on fire. I took a step back, a deep breath in and I prioritized myself again. And I transformed my anxiety into my superpower. I redefined my value + worth from within. I rediscovered my power and reclaimed my peace.

My metamorphosis was hard fought and now I want to share the skills I developed and the lessons I learned on that journey with you. 

With a flexible model that evolves as you do, so you get exactly what you need every step of the way. 

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A coaching + well-being community exclusively for professional women. 

A coaching + well-being community exclusively for professional women.

from the women

“CAVE Club is the most rewarding investment I've made in myself ... it's truly invaluable. 

...since joining the Club I've experienced incredibly transformative, life-changing breakthroughs that I'd not found in 10+ years of traditional therapy. I've found the exact tools I needed... a sense of  belonging I craved and didn't know was possible... empowering me to find my highest, most authentic self."

let's build your best life

Choose from the monthly menu of well-being sessions to create consistency and accountability.

1:1 + Group Coaching

Personalized coaching for immediate and impactful results.

Peer Support Groups

Connect in a safe space with accomplished, compassionate and inspiring women.

Wellness Experts, Workshops + Activities

Weekly workshops, meditations, and monthly experts enhance your journey and guide you toward your goals.

All services are optional + virtual via Zoom. You'll have access to previously-recorded sessions in the Vault for 24/7 support.

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All about

Ah-ha moments
Walking the walk
Clean beauty
Building confidence
Sharing wisdom
Healthy boundaries
Dismantling our boxes
Personal attention
Sustainable change

Not about

Bitch session
Running the (rat) race
Toxic perfectionism
Burning bridges
Spreading gossip
Hustle culture
Decorating our masks
Cookie cutter approach
Band-aid fixes


Then this is for you!

New hires, new partners or rising stars?

Corporate memberships

Show the women on your team you value them with the gift of a safe community and personal coach to prioritize their well-being!

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- Joseph Campbell

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

What's included:

Group Coaching

1 Hour per Week

All members are welcome. Get coached and/or watch fellow members, listen to relatable stories, and learn strategies to build your best life.

from the women

“Because of CAVE Club, I have become more confident...

... and developed a connection with a group of professional women where we root for each other from all over the country. I have partners for life because of this Club."

Private 1:1 Coaching

30 Minutes per Month

Your private, individualized coaching sessions are where we create your roadmap based on your unique gifts and goals while leveraging my expertise and experience.

from the women

“CAVE Club has become such a big priority in my life...

...I schedule my work life as much as I can around the opportunities in Cave Club each week because I get so much out of it. I have 40+ pages of notes of wisdom that Wendy’s shared! There are so many additional resources online in the Vault that I haven't even explored yet. It’s such an incredible value for everything it offers."

Expert Workshops

1 Hour per Month

Experts covering all six dimensions of well-being join us in the CAVE each month, bringing expertise in mental health, financial freedom, nutrition, building your business, and beyond.

from the women

“You'll feel supported and heard as you open up and experience time inside the CAVE...

...Wendy not only shares her own expertise and guidance with you, but she also pulls from amazing resources and brings experts into the CAVE to expand our support network. The icing on top is the wonderful women you’ll meet as you participate in group sessions!"

Peer Support Groups

1 Hour per Week

All members are welcome and topics are discussed (or not) depending on what’s on the groups heart and mind each session. We go where the group takes us.

from the women

“I think I may be CAVE Club's biggest fan...

...CAVE Club is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am incredibly grateful to Wendy for creating such a safe space of acceptance and support. I am so impressed with the vulnerability that is shown across all members. I feel like I have a family in the Club."

Wellness Workshops

2 x 1 Hour per Month

Whether it’s a structured program or interactive and guided workshops, these sessions are both educational and transformational.

from the women

“I'm so much happier...

...more positive, more grounded, and healthier because of Wendy’s coaching. I can’t thank her enough!"

Guided Meditations

2 x 15 Minutes per Week

I guide a Monday meditation to set our intention for the week. Each Wednesday we will check in and practice a more reflective, primordial sound meditation repeating a silent mantra to quiet the mind and calm your nervous system.

from the women

“I have met with therapists, who listened, but never helped...

...I don't really need someone to just listen. I need someone to give me strategies and I have found that with Wendy. And individual and executive coaching always seemed way out of my price range, so the Cave Club price point, with all that's included, has been exactly what I’ve needed."

from the women

“Working with Wendy has been incredibly eye opening and enlightening...

...While I’ve been in traditional therapy prior to joining CAVE Club, this experience and level of support is different, in a wonderful way. With Wendy’s support and guidance, along with the experiences shared by other women in the CAVE, I’ve been able to see so much emotional growth within myself."

“I had been looking for support with concerns related to anxiety...

...making the time for self-care, life and executive coaching, so it has been absolutely amazing to find Wendy and Cave Club. I've learned and grown so much across all of these areas. I've adopted so many new strategies and have a sense of confidence and motivation that was missing before."

Why not now?

Just one month can change your life!

Think what could happen in six.

The BEST investment you'll ever make is in YOURSELF.

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