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Wendy Tamis Robbins

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I help individuals and organizations unlock + unleash their full potential by reducing their stress and anxiety, rediscovering their power and reimagining their life. I leverage my expertise + experience based on your unique gifts and goals.

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hello there.

I'm Wendy.

I'm a transformational coach, anxiety expert, bestselling author, speaker, educator, podcaster, survivor, stepmom and wife.

My coaching is deeply personal because I lived it. I was an anxious over-achiever, people-pleasing perfectionist, an Ivy League graduate and high-stress, high-stakes attorney in Big Law who turned her panic into her superpower.



Learn how to make the time and keep the promise.

Print and pin to your office board as your go-to guide for connecting!

Stop Sabotaging Your Self Care!

Download Your Connection Checklist

→ Reduce your anxiety, fear and shame
→ Increase your confidence 
→ Improve your self-esteem + motivation
→ Enhance your relationships and resilience

→ Reduce your anxiety, fear and shame
→ Increase your confidence
→ Improve your self-esteem + motivation
→ Enhance your relationships and resilience

Quiet Your Inner Critic

Ways to work with me

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Support, educate and empower your team with a signature wellness program. Or take your team to the next level with The Collective Compass Experience.

Corporate programming

SIGNATURE OFFERING her program. The more people who have access to her story, the better!"

"I attended one of Wendy's events and was blown away...

This is a personalized journey of self-discovery and transformation with someone who’s been there. This is like having a flashlight, friend, and your favorite playlist.


Start your journey their inner strength and wisdom."

"Wendy has a true gift for helping others...

Bring lasting impact and inspiration to your next event with a keynote speech. 

Corporate Events

Keynote speaking

...In the legal field, she showed me that a powerful woman can still be powerful and vulnerable.”

"Wendy destigmatized mental illness and therapy for me...

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Join a private coaching community exclusively for professional women.


Cave Club

“Anyone who joins Cave Club will forever be changed for the better.”

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Create a programmatic corporate framework integrating all facets of workplace well-being.

Corporate Programming


...which I'd never realized before working with any other  coach or therapist.”

“Wendy helped me understand why I think and act the way I do...

If going at your own pace from the comfort of home is more your speed, then check out my digital courses here.

On your own time

Digital courses

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coming may 1st ...

the body reboot

reimagine your world, reignite your life

My mission

To disrupt the culture of shame and stigma surrounding mental health by inspiring and empowering you to prioritize your self care so you can show up in the world as your best self.

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This podcast shines a light on mental health to help end the stigma surrounding it, while teaching you how to reduce your stress and anxiety, prioritize your well-being and integrate all facets of your life so you're running on all cylinders. I share the tools and treasures I discovered on my journey to freedom like mindfulness + nutrition, meditation + movement, resiliency + recovery. I show you how your mental and physical challenges can lead us to your superpowers. You'll leave feeling less alone and inspired by examples of what is possible.

the podcast

A wellness podcast

Perfectly Pan!cked

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body love



7 spiritual laws of success

mental health






#1 Mental Illness | #1 Depression | #1 Stress Management | #1 Self-Esteem & Self-Help

#1 Mental Illness
#1 Depression
#1 Stress Management
#1 Self-Esteem & Self-Help

Our boxes may all look different, but the opportunity for self discovery they present is universal.

the box

Amazon Bestseller

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It's raw, it's real, and it's relatable!! It gives meaning and deep understanding to something that was rarely talked about... a MUST read!! Two thumbs up!!!”

“This book is sooooo good!

5 Star Reviews

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 5 Steps to change the soundtrack 🎶 to your life! 

Reignite your motivation + inspiration!

→ reduce your stress and anxiety
→ improve your self-esteem
→ enhance your relationships
→ find your motivation and inspiration again!

5 Steps to Quiet
Your Inner Critic

Let's do more than just survive the holidays this year!

Get the 7 strategies I swear by to survive and thrive!