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You're strong, accomplished and overwhelmed. Because if you're anything like I was, you’re trying to do it all alone and it’s not working. You just want someone to tell you what works. I know what works.

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I struggled to find the support I needed for almost 40 years, so I've designed a unique coaching model - the one I wish I had. I meet you exactly where you are, understand what others may not, help you quiet the anxious static and amplify your authentic voice. 

I understand the unique challenges facing professionals today. You want someone who has walked in your shoes and gets you.I understand the unique challenges facing professionals today. You want someone who has walked in your shoes and gets you.

You don't have to do it alone.

I understand your struggles, your fears and your mindset.

What they're saying

“Wendy helps me take my broken pieces and transform them into something beautiful and valuable. She inspires and empowers me to take this journey of discovering myself and gives me the tools and hope that these broken pieces I've been hiding from can be healed and I can become the best version of myself.”

My holistic approach examines your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and together we create a roadmap based on your unique gifts and goals. I draw on my personal experience - the tools, techniques, and strategies I've utilized to find peace and step into my own power -- to help you forge a personalized path toward profound and lasting change. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all proposition

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Free signed copy of The Box: An Invitation to Freedom from Anxiety

Anxiety Audit framework optional

3 month and 6 month evaluations

Week off email check-in support

Two 50 min sessions per month

Pre-call evaluation questionnaire

The “Pace Yourself"

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Free signed copy of The Box: An Invitation to Freedom from Anxiety

3 week and 6 week evaluations

One 50 min session per week

Pre-call evaluation questionnaire

The “Sprint"

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One 40 min discovery and evaluation call

The “Warm-Up"

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Use your anxiety to inform and guide you as your superpower.


Replace "what if" paralysis with "what can be" progress.


Build healthy boundaries that protect your peace and preserve your power.


Safely explore pain points and open wounds.


Find clarity and courage to move out of "stuckness".


Amplify your authentic voice and internal compass.

The results

How does this sound?

let's do this.

Your career affects your family life and vice versa. Your physical health affects your mental health and vice versa. Many if not all of our underlying fears, insecurities, needs and desires come from the same place and seep into all aspects of our lives. That is what we address to create immediate progress and fast results.

I’ll teach you how to translate and transform difficult emotions into guideposts that inform and inspire you! 

Whether its anxiety and mental health, relationships, nutrition and physical wellness, these things don’t happen in a vacuum.
I want all of your pieces working together to optimize your life on every level so that you’re showing up in the world as your best self as soon as possible.

I don’t ascribe to the belief that we can compartmentalize our lives and separate our parts into silos. My approach to wellness is about integration.

... Since working with Wendy, after 20 plus years of therapy I have finally been able to slow my mind down. Now I can meditate and find peace where I could never before. Wendy has been such a great resource for me in so many areas of my life. Wendy has a way of wanting you to be better and making you believe you can be by using great techniques that help you thrive.”

“Finding a life coach that 'gets it' is rare...

Such a great resource for me.

...and loved that Wendy had lived experience and expertise with it. And I love that she is an intelligent, high-powered woman because I feel like I can honestly talk about those aspects of my struggles.”

“I was struggling with anxiety as a professional mom...

She completely understands.

tramsform your life discover your own resilience, gain clarity, and cultivate the determination needed to achieve your goals. She truly changed my life and I can't thank her enough. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her programs to anyone, no matter what stage of life they are at. Coaching with Wendy in any capacity is a journey of self-discovery, growth and sustainable transformation.”

“Wendy's coaching style is inspiring; it encourages and empowers you...

She truly changed my life.


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