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the wellness sessions

In big law and beyond, now more than ever employees need and expect their employers to provide support for their well-being.

The superpower session

Recognize, Reduce and Refocus Your Stress + Anxiety

I share my own journey and teach strategies, techniques and mindset shifts that change your relationship with stress and anxiety from fear and resistance to understanding and empowerment.

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The stigma session

Ending the Stigma and Creating Cultural Change with Empathy, Education and Empowerment

I share my experience with mental illness in Big Law while educating and empowering attendees to (both personally and systematically) identify and support those struggling in the workplace and at home.

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The connection session

Understanding Loneliness +
Cultivating Connection

I explore an epidemic that has been grossly underestimated, its impact on our well-being and teach ways to cultivate connection personally and in the workplace.

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The Self-care Session

Reprioritize Without Compromise

I teach you how to make the time for self care and keep your promise. I expose the three things sabotaging your ability to prioritize your self care, how to hijack them and the life-changing benefits, using real examples of highly accomplished professionals and my own story of transformation.

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All sessions are 60-90 mins. All Lawyer-Specific programs are CLE eligible and incorporate the Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation & ABA study's findings, Pathway to Lawyer Well-Being recommendations, recent studies and surveys and focus on well-being as a component of attorney competency under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Judiciary Session

Behind and Beyond the Bench -
Well-Being in the Judiciary

I share my story and address how stress and anxiety manifest and impact our work, relationships and behaviors, how judges impact the well-being of those in their courtrooms and how to use anxiety to inform and guide you, as an opportunity for self-examination, discovery and transformation.

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“I cannot accurately express the impact Wendy's programs had on me.”

As a young attorney with newly diagnosed OCD and depression, I felt lost and unseen. She shed a light that showed me I am not alone. In many ways, she saved me.

“Wendy has done more to destigmatize mental health issues and promote wellness...”

... than any other CLE, EAP or wellness program that I have experienced in my more than 25 years of practice.

“Her level of knowledge of self and self-actualization is remarkable.”

I do not have enough words of praise for Wendy's insights, presentation skills, and willingness to share to help others!

Collective Compass Experience

The collective Compass Experience

This impactful process will take your team to the next level. 

I facilitate groups of no more than 20 people through a three tiered process:


Inspiration - define your values, purpose and goals

Ideation - identify paths to success


Implementation - create your roadmap


2 - 4 hours

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The guided meditation series

6-month package (2x week)

I guide groups through 15-min meditation experiences based on my Chopra Meditation training and personal, transformational experiences with this healing modality.

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“Wendy has changed the conversation at my law firm around mental health and self-care; she has done so much to help lessen the stigma.”


Workshops and informal discussions are also available and can be customized using the topics above for your specific group.


Books for attendees are available at a 10% discount.


Pricing for all Programs and Workshops is available upon request.

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 5 Steps to change the soundtrack 🎶 to your life! 

Reignite your motivation + inspiration!

→ reduce your stress and anxiety
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5 Steps to Quiet
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