hi! i'm Wendy

Having lived with an anxiety, obsessive compulsive and panic disorder for almost 40 years, I wanted to create a place to offer support, healing and lots of silver linings for people like us — people who struggle with or have loved ones who struggle with mental illness. It was hearing other people’s stories that saved me so many years ago when I hit rock bottom. Now that I’ve found freedom from anxiety, I’m sharing my own story to show you what’s possible.

I am a lawyer by day and a writer by night. I’m a second wife to my second husband and I’ve been a stepmom for over a decade. I’m an anxious over-achiever and at this point, a professional “panic attacker”.
I grew up in a working class town and a home ripe with instability, mental illness and addiction. I’ve endured decades of nearly crippling anxiety, bouts of depression and eating disorders that presented both external and internal challenges. On my path to recovery, I discovered a restorative, inner peace and reclaimed my authentic power. I traded living in resistance for building resilience. My fears now fuel a life not only beyond my diagnosis but beyond my dreams.

Now I am passionate about helping others find the same freedom. I talk about everything – the unexpected triumphs and the painful defeats, the growth and the setbacks, the light and the dark.
My unique coaching draws from my personal experience while finding common and relatable ground. My balanced approach utilizes practical thought and holistic body/mind work while keeping a sharp focus on the goal — imagining your most beautiful life beyond anxiety, believing it can be true, deciding you are worthy of it, and ultimately manifesting it.

Despite my anxiety, I earned a scholarship to and worked my way through Dartmouth College, where I competed on the varsity track and field team. After graduating from law school, I began my career as a corporate tax and finance attorney, working to create and preserve affordable housing and provide social impact financing and public welfare investments to underserved communities. I live with my husband on the North Shore of Massachusetts with my two teenage stepchildren. I enjoy tennis, skiing, yoga, cycling, traveling, and racecar driving.