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“I do not have enough words of praise for Wendy’s insights, presentation skills, and willingness to share to help others! Her level of knowledge of self and self-actualization is remarkable.”

—Attorney, Holland & Knight, program attendee


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"Wendy has done more to destigmatize mental health issues and promote wellness than any other CLE, EAP or wellness program that I have experienced in my more than 25 years of practice." - Evan S.


3R Model to Processing Anxiety - recognize, reduce + refocus

  • Introduction and Opening Meditation

  • My Story of Transformation

  • Normal Stress + Anxiety versus Disorders and Their Prevalence 

  • Prioritizing Well-Being through Schedule and Routine

  • Recognizing Stress & Anxiety through Mindfulness

  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety Now and Over Time

  • Refocusing Anxiety into Your Superpower

  • Resources and Q&A

3E Model to Ending the Stigma - empathy, education + empowerment

  • Empathy - My Story of Transformation

  • Education - Biology Behind Stress and Anxiety

  • Empowerment - Tools for Those Struggling and Those Who are Not

  • What to Do and Say When Someone Says "I'm not OK"

  • Future-Selfing with Guided Meditation

  • Tools for Corporate Cultural + Programmatic Change

  • Resources and Q&A

Understanding Loneliness + Cultivating Connection

  • Introduction and Opening Meditation on Connection

  • Defining and Recognizing Loneliness

  • Why are We Lonely?

  • Rejection by the Tribe + Primitive Adaptation

  • Physical and Mental Health Effects

  • Red Flags - Perfectionism and People-Pleasing

  • Cultivating Connection with Self 

  • Building External Connection

  • Resources and Q+A

NOTE: All Programs can be Lawyer-Specific and qualify for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credit (State Specific).

  • All Lawyer-Specific programs incorporate the Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation & ABA study's findings, Pathway to Lawyer Well-Being recommendations, recent studies and surveys and focus on well-being as a component of attorney competency under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Length of Programs are between 60 - 90 minutes.
  • Workshops and informal discussions are also available and can be customized using the topics above for your specific group.
  • Pricing for all Programs and Workshops is available upon request.
  • Books for attendees are available at a 10% discount.

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“I cannot emphasize enough how much I respect Wendy’s bravery and courage to share such a personal journey. It will benefit so many and I can’t thank her enough for being a role model and change agent. The world needs more inspiring people like her!”

—Traceen R.

“Wendy’s workshop gave me a new perspective on how I react to my anxiety. Rather than it being a major roadblock I try to run around, I feel more empowered to acknowledge it and move through it.”

—Alex K.

“Wendy’s words resonated and really helped me to start on the path of living my best life, without fear. Her work will continue to help thousands find courage to manage their fears and anxieties in a healthy way. I am one of those thousands.”

—Liz M.

“I attended Wendy’s event with the National Women’s Association of Lawyers and was blown away by her presentation. The more people who have access to her story, the better!”

—Donya F.