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Inspiring you to live a life beyond anxiety.

Imagine the day when your anxiety doesn't:

• Compromise your relationships and family life

• Limit your goals and aspirations

• Leave you emotionally depleted

• Make you feel like a prisoner in your own body

• Paralyze and scare the hell out of you!




Imagine the day when your anxiety doesn't:

• Compromise your relationships and family life

• Limit your goals and aspirations

• Leave you emotionally depleted

• Make you feel like a prisoner in your own body

• Paralyze and scare the hell out of you!



On the outside, it looked like I had the perfect life – Ivy League and law school graduate, attorney at a prestigious law firm, new husband, new house, even the new dog. But on the inside I was unraveling more every day. None of the success or accomplishments could give me the peace and freedom I desperately needed.

I struggled with anxiety, obsessive compulsive and panic disorders for almost 40 years.

I waded through therapists but couldn’t find someone who “got me.” Someone who had experienced what I was going through. I tore through self-help books looking for a road map. I couldn't find the support I needed and felt alone and afraid.

I "managed" my anxiety while the walls of my box closed in around me. Until one day my fear of never fully living became stronger than my fear of anxiety. That’s when I took charge of my mental health to rewrite a story than wasn't dictated by my diagnosis. Through introspection, meditation, reparenting, exposure therapy and lots of writing, I found my way out. Now married to my best friend and stepmom to his two amazing teens, I’m living the adventure I dreamed of from inside that prison.

I’ve shared that journey in my book, The Box: An Invitation to Freedom from Anxiety, as a love letter to those who are suffering AND those watching a loved one struggle.

And I've created the support I was looking for and couldn't find. My mission is to improve the mental health crisis in our world and end the stigma surrounding it through coaching, my signature corporate wellness programs and keynote speeches. I partner with motivated individuals to overcome their anxiety and companies to empower their human capital and make impactful change to their corporate culture. 

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“Best book I've read on anxiety. It is a must read for anyone suffering from or who has a family member who is suffering from anxiety.”

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“This book is sooooo good! It's raw, it's real, and it's relatable!! It gives meaning and deep understanding to something that was rarely talked about... a MUST read!! Two thumbs up!!!”

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“I'm so glad I read this book! I completely related to the struggles depicted so beautifully in this insightful narrative.”

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How You Can Work With Me


Personal Coaching

My unique coaching draws from both my personal experience and the techniques and strategies I’ve learned and utilized in my own healing and recovery process. Anxiety relief is not one-size-fits-all. My approach is holistic and tailored to your unique experiences and journey.

“Working with Wendy has brought so much lightness into my life. I feel I can breathe again and finally see a new path emerging from the darkness.”

—Morgan M.


Speaking & Programs

My signature wellness programs provide insights and strategies on how to recognize, reduce and refocus your anxiety and end the stigma surrounding mental illness. These powerful programs have received overwhelming reviews from colleges, law firms, professional associations and organizations and are CLE eliglible.

“I do not have enough words of praise for Wendy’s insights, presentation skills, and willingness to share to help others!”

—Attorney, Holland & Knight, program attendee

are you ready to thrive rather than just survive?

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I created this free download with you in mind.

          Feeling anxious?

          Getting triggered?

          Stuck in a toxic relationship?

          Struggling to meditate?

The Anxiety Relief Power Pack has it all!

It includes 3 of my most popular guides:

Demystify 7 Types of Anxiety + Find Relief Now

Defuse Your Triggers in 4 Simple Steps

The Break-Up Letter Template

Plus a bonus! Taming the Anxious Mind - a guided meditation that will help you start or continue to build your meditation practice. It's where I started when I thought meditation was impossible for someone like me!

Listen to my latest Podcast appearances

These are raw, honest conversations about perfectionism, people-pleasing, hyper-vigilence, overachieving, debilitating anxiety and how small but significant changes can make lasting change.

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What Michelangelo Taught Me About Finding Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

During a trip to Italy I visited Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. While admiring the beauty of the work, I asked myself "If Michelangelo could free David from that block of marble, could he teach me to free myself?" That question lead to powerful insights that changed the game for me.

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