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This is the coaching + community you need + deserve!

"CAVE Club is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am incredibly grateful to Wendy for creating this safe space of empowerment, acceptance and support." - Member

"I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in just 3 weeks. I couldn’t have done it without Wendy and these amazing women. I absolutely love CAVE Club." - Member

"The CAVE is such a gift. Each session is an opportunity to practice self-care, learn and feel seen. Sitting in peer group sessions with women who are all so unique, empathetic and vulnerable has created a space I am so grateful to come to." - Member

This is your invitation to show up in the world as your best self.
CAVE Club has everything you need! 


I help professional women reduce and reframe their fear + anxiety to reclaim their peace + power. Through individualized and group coaching, peer support groups and wellness workshops, I teach you how to translate and transform difficult emotions into guideposts that inform and inspire you.

You will feel seen and heard. You will feel more engaged at work + present at home. You will feel more connected to yourself, your family + friends than ever. And you will feel a sense of belonging as part of this amazing community. 

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"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."  - Joseph Campbell

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Are you overworked + overwhelmed?

Anxious and burned-out? 

Do feel pressure to perform + be perfect?

Are you stuck or contemplating a pivot?

Tired of people-pleasing?

Are you longing for peace, authenticity and connection?

Do you want to feel a sense of belonging?


You've come to the right place!

Imagine having...

  • your own personal coach
  • a supportive group of like-minded women
  • wellness workshops
  • monthly experts covering all 8 pillars of well-being
  • guided and mantra meditations 



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The Club makes it easy to start taking care of YOU.

With a community that keeps you accountable and inspired!

Create your own self care practice with daily options + 24/7 access to all recordings.

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I am you.

My coaching is deeply personal because I lived it. I was a people-pleasing perfectionist. A high-achieving, Ivy League graduate and high-stress, high-stakes attorney in Big Law. 

I was convinced that once "I made it" the anxiety would vanish. I'd feel valuable and worthy. I'd have more confidence and fewer insecurities. I'd take a well-deserved deep breath.

But that never happened. Despite the long hours and sacrifices, and the compromises in my mental and physical health...

The confetti never fell, so...

I transformed my anxiety into my superpower.

I redefined my value + worth from within.

I rediscovered my power and reclaimed my peace.

My metamorphosis was hard fought and now I want to share the skills I developed and the lessons I learned on that journey with you.

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CAVE Club Values

My lived experience ...

  • 24 years in a high stress, high pressure, male-dominated profession (corporate attorney)
  • childhood trauma
  • mental illness: anxiety, panic disorders, depression, OCD, + suicide ideation
  • disordered eating and drinking
  • >$100k in student debt with no job after law school
  • divorce
  • miscarriage
  • stepmom (13 years)
  • college athlete
  • lost 60 pounds and maintained it
  • cancer survivor

Can you relate?

Virtual Access to All Club Services

Choose from the monthly menu to create your own experience + transformation!

  • Group Coaching (1 hr/week)

  • Expert Workshops (1 hr/month)

  • Peer Support Groups (1 hr/week)

  • Wellness Workshops (2 hrs/month)

  • Guided Meditations (2 x 15 min/week)

  • Anxiety Audit Accelerator (1 hr/month)

  • Private 1:1 Coaching (30 mins/month)*

  • *First come, first served 

All services are optional + virtual via Zoom.

  • All group coaching, expert and wellness workshops and meditations are recorded and available on the Club platform for 24/7 access.
  • You have options: stay off camera, listen to relatable stories + benefit from the coaching as a "fly on the wall", submit questions anonymously OR participate live. 

Your choice. Your experience.

Your Club!

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What they're saying...


"Wendy has done more to destigmatize mental health issues and promote wellness than any other CLE, EAP or wellness program that I have experienced in my more than 25 years of practice." - Evan S.

"As a young attorney, newly diagnosed with OCD + depression, I felt lost + unseen. Wendy showed me I am not alone. In many ways, she saved me."

- Donya F.

Working with Wendy has brought so much lightness to my life. I can breathe again and see a new path emerging from the darkness."

- Morgan M.

"Wendy gave me the tools and goals I needed to change my life story. She is a force! I appreciate her wisdom and openness in so many ways."

- Aimee B.

"Investing in your own growth and well-being is an investment not only in yourself, but every life you touch."


        *Monthly memberships: Initial 3 month commitment paid at registration then month-to-month.

Corporate Memberships

  • 3 month commitment then month-to-month
  • Founding 5 enjoy a 25% discount for the first 6 months
  • General Admission - Fees based on number of women with access to Club assets
  • Annual memberships receive 1 month free

I can't wait to welcome you to the Club!

“Wendy has done some much for our law firm to destigmatize mental health issues and promote wellness. Her courage in sharing her story has helped countless others feel comfortable doing the same."

Jessica E.

“Wendy's vulnerability gives us all hope that there is a way to find peace and strength. She's changed the conversation at my firm around mental health and self-care and done so much to help reduce the stigma.”

Nancy H.

"Since working with Wendy, after 20 plus years of therapy I have finally been able to slow my mind down. Now I can meditate and find peace where I could never before. Wendy has been such a great resource for me in so many areas of my life. Finding a coach that “gets it” is rare. Wendy has a way of wanting you to be better and making you believe you can be by using great techniques that help you thrive."

Mary D.

What happens after I sign up?

First you will receive a welcome email with a link to the Club platform. There you will create a profile and download the App for notifications and easy access to our schedule without having to login every time. You will then receive emails from me with information regarding the schedule for March with the unique Zoom link for all March services. 

How do I sign up for 1:1 coaching?

There will be a link on the platform to schedule a time each month. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis. 

When is my credit card charged and how do I cancel?

There is an initial six (6) month commitment paid in full at the time you join. After that, your membership is month-to-month and your card is charged automatically on the 26th of each month. Cancel anytime before then for the following month.