Stitch By Stitch


It’s been a month now without my mother. It’s still surreal to write that. As a follow-up to The Last Mother’s Day Gift I want to send this message  because it has been such an important part of my journey.

As a witness to another’s loss, pain or grief,
don’t miss the opportunity to do God’s work.

Even when you don’t know what to say and words seem inadequate,
know that there are no points for poignancy or perfection.

You are there for a reason. You have been chosen in that moment to help put back together what has been torn apart.

Acknowledge their loss, recognize their grief, sit with them in their pain.

Even if there is distance or time between you now, don’t focus on why they are better off not hearing your clumsy condolences or why your absence will go unnoticed.
Don’t focus on your lack of grace. Grace will show up regardless.

Focus on the broken heart you can help heal, stitch by stitch.

Every card, every gesture, every hug, every conversation, every tear.
Each is sacred. Each brings light to their darkness.
Each expression of love helps lift them back to their feet.

Their heart will forever be scarred, but eventually, it will beat again.

Stitch by stitch.

i want to fly


I want to fly, I want to fly…
I repeat with a tear in my eye.

I look into the light and cry.

But where to find the wind,
the strength to move my wings,
the courage to fly above all others.

I spin myself to dizziness.

In which direction shall I go?
And at what time will I know?
They will watch with scrutiny from below.

But their hollow breath becomes a breeze that quickens my pace
and lifts me higher.

For I’ll fly naked, baring my soul to the heavens,
the voice of my critics no more my concern.