A Guided Fall #3 – Restore


The third installment in our six week journey to consciously create a time of growth and renewal.

Reflect . Refocus . Restore . Revive . Receive . Rejoice

Restore – Now that you have reset your compass and refocused your energy, start taking restorative steps for your mind and body to create the physical energy and mental state necessary to change the negatives and build on the positives.

One definition of “restoration” isn’t about merely returning something to its former state, but it is about receiving back more than has been lost to the point where the final state is greater than the original condition. Let that be our mission. 

Restorative practices are very personal, so find what works for you.

Here are some suggestions –  

  • Meditate to find your center, your “peace core”, your authentic connection to God and/or the Universe; to plug in to the source of creation, energy and renewal within yourself. A wonderful place to start or continue your meditation practice is Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Free 21-Day Meditation Experience. A new 21-day experience starts on Monday, October 31st. Check it out HERE. I recommend sitting on a comfortable mat or folded blanket with a smaller, hard pillow or yoga block under your seat. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you will stay in and return to the space. I have a super comfortable mat that I look forward to spending time on every day, both physically and mentally. It looks like this….ztnezf_bk__74778-1389909072-1280-1280

          I call it my magic carpet because I never know where it will take me and I know the                   possibilities are endless.

  • Yoga to find a mind-body connection and increase your energy flow. This can be done through gentle stretching in your home or massive sweating in your local Bikram or power yoga class or something in between. I use all three and choose based on what my body is telling me that day. Although, I always have a slight panic attack just thinking about a yoga class packed with super fit men and women who can balance on one hand (levitate really) with their legs in the shape of their first initial. I can barely touch my toes and need blocks, the big ones, to help me get through most poses. But with each pose I feel myself pushing muscular and mental boundaries. And when I find that flow from pose to pose, inhale to exhale, that flow in my body quickly translates into a sacred, spiritual, mental flow that stays with me long after I roll up my mat.