In the Shadows (poem)


To all those struggling with mental illness, may you feel your strength and courage again, may you find your way into the light and not suffer in the shadows. ~~~


Through all this time I move with ease, 
like a fluid stroke or a calming breeze,
I hide so much that no one sees…
Through all these day I watch with eyes
so strong and steady showing no surprise 
I get weary and close them until again I rise…
Through all these years I listen with poise
I hear distant songs of young girls and boys
but find little music amid all the noise… 
Through all this time I’ve hid it well.
Through all this time, not even you could tell.


i want to fly


I want to fly, I want to fly…
I repeat with a tear in my eye.

I look into the light and cry.

But where to find the wind,
the strength to move my wings,
the courage to fly above all others.

I spin myself to dizziness.

In which direction shall I go?
And at what time will I know?
They will watch with scrutiny from below.

But their hollow breath becomes a breeze that quickens my pace
and lifts me higher.

For I’ll fly naked, baring my soul to the heavens,
the voice of my critics no more my concern.