A Guided Fall #5 – Receive


“Forget all you know or think you know; abandon power and enforced decree. Inward, where the deepest rivers flow, find the currents of eternity.” ~ Fin Raziel (Willow)

Reflect . Refocus . Restore . Revive . Receive . Rejoice

We’ve reset our compass, refocused our energy, infused some restorative practices into our lives and revived a dream or vision that lay dormant too long. Now, are you open to the changes you seek?  Are your hands so full you can’t open the door you wish to walk through?  

Here is the fifth installment in our six week journey to consciously create a time of growth and renewal.

At so many times in my  life, my first (and sometimes second, third and fourth) reaction is to control the situation to achieve what I think is my desired result.  I could be starting a new endeavor, revisiting an old challenge, feeling under assault in some area of my life or just generally overwhelmed.

As I narrow my vision to focus on my goal, I don’t realize that my view is becoming distorted. I think I have all the knowledge and experience to set a path toward my goal or to identify a problem and formulate a solution. But in most cases, I am acting from a place of vulnerability, fear or even shame and I’m unaware of it. The problems, the results, the goals, the responses and the paths are all tainted by this undercurrent of emotion, these stories I’ve created, so what I think I know likely won’t be enough and my experience may not serve me anymore if my real goal is authentic awareness and connection.

What can serve you during these times is to remember the story of the wise old monk that was visited by an eager young man who proclaimed himself to be well accomplished in Zen philosophy and wanted to confirm there was nothing more the wise monk could teach him. As the monk poured the young man tea until the cup runneth over, he calmly said, “Just like this cup, your mind is so full of ideas that there is no room for any more. Come to me with an empty-cup mind, and then you will learn something.”

In order to receive the gifts, the subtle shifts and the major changes we are now consciously attracting from the Universe or praying for, whether it’s at work, in a relationship or through creative expression, we cannot go into these situations believing we know it all or even know enough to identify our goal or set our course.  

We must acknowledge what we know and then empty ourselves to receive all that we do not.

We must unlearn what we have learned to make space for the new.

We must open our hearts and minds to new possibilities and new ways of seeing ourselves and how we relate to others and the world in order to receive all that the Universe intends for us – all of the love, opportunity, inner peace and joy.

Let go of labels, rid yourself of rules, rethink your definitions. Open your mind, empty your cup and receive.   

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