A Guided Fall #4 – Revive


Reflect . Refocus . Restore . Revive . Receive . Rejoice

We’ve reset our compass, refocused our energy and infused some restorative practices into our lives. Now, what could you breathe some life into? Resuscitate, resurrect, give importance again? Here is the fourth installment in our six week journey to consciously create a time of growth and renewal.

What idea has been idle too long? What vision is now just a blur? What dream has become a distant memory?

Why did you set that dream aside and move on? Did others discourage it? Did your own internal dialogue disavow its importance, its relevance and its probability?

But what about the journey it may set you on? What about the creativity, the fun and the whimsy? You may think you know what the result will be but you can never know what that journey will feel like and how it could change you. The end result is far less important.

Give yourself permission to be everything and anything but goal-oriented. Knowing you went back and honored a part of you, a part you now know is an authentic part, will do nothing less than infuse enthusiasm, courage and confidence into your life.    

Dig deep and unearth something that is worthy of revival. Rub your eyes and refocus them on that vision. Remember what that dream looked like, what it felt like, what it smelled like. Give it space, meditate on it, bring it back to life. Awaken a dream that has slumbered too long and awaken your spirit.  

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