A Guided Fall #2 – Refocus


On October 14th I posted A Guided Fall and posed the question:

Rather than mourn the loss of longer, warmer days until we find ourselves eating turkey and counting how many shopping days remain, how can we consciously create a time of growth and renewal over the next six weeks?

I offered six practices, one for each week.

Reflect . Refocus . Restore . Revive . Receive . Rejoice

Here is the second installment for our second week.

Refocus – Last week’s exercise on reflection hopefully gave you a sense of, and maybe even a clear list of, where to refocus your energy. You’ve identified areas of your life that are important and deserve more of your attention, more time and space to grow. You’ve also identified habitual behaviors, destructive patterns, knee-jerk reactions, or even toxic environments or relationships that you need to finally shed light on and either deal with differently or discard entirely.

With that as our guide, below are some practices to help refocus our energy on the path we are consciously forging:

  • Identify the feelings and thoughts that creep in and cause you to act in ways you never intended, shifting your direction, choice by unconscious choice.
  • Practice mindful awareness throughout your day to maintain focus on your priorities. Are you giving those important areas the time and space they need or are they falling to the end of your “to do” list?
  • Recognize when you feel your best, your happiest, most connected, most fulfilled, most hopeful. Make a list of what contributed to it and what compromised it. Replace the compromisers with contributors. Recognize, replace, refocus, repeat.     
  • Refocus your energy with manageable adjustments to produce significant changes over time.     

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