Where is your Barrington? Are you there physically or spiritually?  Or maybe you’re still on that unmarked path. Maybe Barrington is a place deep inside you that you carry on your journey with no goal of reaching a destination. 

My boots are off in Barrington.

It’s taken forty years.

This place, this space draws me in

surrounding me in quiet solitude,

inviting me back to what I’ve always known,

where I’ve always longed to be.

Maybe this is where I started.

Where the water flows clear,

and the air smells sweet

and the loons seem recognizable.

Where I’m safe enough to be still

and free enough to fly;

where I dance with the light on the lake;

where the sun shines through the pines and warms my soul.

Now I rest my bones in Barrington,

glancing back  from time to time.

To that unmarked path I  traveled alone,

with no answers to questions, no sense of direction;

only Barrington whispering, calling me home.

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