The Fruit Tree


At my best, I am a fruit tree.

When I find my way into a space where waters flow and light shines, my flowers bloom and their beauty inspires others to wonder how they too could find such beauty within themselves.

With constant care and love, those blossoms give way to fruit that feeds and sustains those who have been entrusted to me.

I am on their path.

The path they prayed for and found by tending their own garden.

And there I am, blessedly feeding some hunger, some need, some desire.

When I am fearless enough to seek true, soulful sustenance from new sources, the further my roots extend and the more I grow.

And the more I grow, the further my branches reach and the more fruit I produce covering more ground, more paths, and nourishing those on them.

At my best, I have found, and sometime fought for, a place in the light where I am fed all that I need to turn outward and give back the gifts that are uniquely mine.



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